Mortimer Weeks Plank

M, #5221, b. 1860, d. 28 February 1914
FatherAlonzo C. W. Plank b. Jan 1821, d. 26 Nov 1885
MotherSarah Eliza Weeks b. 1834, d. 27 Jun 1897
Mortimer Weeks Plank
     Mortimer Weeks Plank was born in 1860 at Ontario, Canada. He witnessed the marriage of Charles Henry Gilpin and Lottie Lorena Plank. He and Rachael Josephine Allman, daughter of John Allman and Mary Allen, were married on Wednesday, 11 March 1885. He was listed as the informant on the death registration of Alonzo C. W. Plank. Mortimer died on Saturday, 28 February 1914 at 297 Jarvis Street, Toronto, York Co., Ontario, Canada, at age 54 years.


Rachael Josephine Allman b. 26 Aug 1863