Gladys Beatrice Shaw

F, #109, b. 28 January 1901, d. 9 July 1979
FatherJohn Shaw b. 4 Apr 1865, d. 5 Jun 1951
MotherIda Cecilia Johnston b. 10 Oct 1861, d. 18 Dec 1931
     Gladys Beatrice Shaw was also known as Gladys May Beatrice Shaw. She was born on Monday, 28 January 1901 at Eldon Twp., Victoria Co., Ontario, Canada. This is a delayed registration dated May 30 1966 at Lindsay, Ontario and signed by her brother Herb. She appeared on the census of June 1911 in the household of John Shaw at Lot 12, Concession 13, Brock Twp., Ontario Co., Ontario, Canada. She was listed as: Shaw, Gladys, daughter, single, born Jan 1901 in Ontario, age 10, of Scotch origin, Canadian, Methodist, attended school for 10 months, able to read and write, speaks English. She appeared on the census of 13 June 1921 in the household of John Shaw at Scott Twp., Ontario Co., Ontario, Canada. She was enumerated as: Shaw, Gladys, daughter, female, single, age 19, born Ontario, both parents born Ontario, Canadian, of Irish origin, speaks English, Methodist, able to read and write. She and Aylmer Franklin Myers, son of Jacob R. Meyers and Nancy Leitch, were married by Reverend C. W. Watch on Wednesday, 14 December 1921 at the Parsonage, Uxbridge, Ontario Co., Ontario, Canada. He is recorded as Almar Franklin Meyers, bachelor, farmer, 25 years, Methodist. She is listed as Gladys May Beatrice Shaw, spinster, 20 years, Methodist. Both were able to read and write. Jacob R. Meyers and Ellen R. Watch witnessed the marriage. She and Grant Arnott were married. Gladys died on Monday, 9 July 1979 at Scarborough Centenary Hospital, Scarborough, York Co., Ontario, Canada, at age 78 years, 5 months and 11 days. She was buried on Thursday, 12 July 1979 at Zion Cemetery, Zephyr, Ontario Co., Ontario, Canada.

Family 1

Aylmer Franklin Myers b. 29 Feb 1896, d. 4 May 1947

Family 2

Grant Arnott