Sarah Catherine McKelvey

F, #1966, b. 17 June 1871, d. 20 January 1952
FatherJames McKelvey b. 12 Aug 1832, d. 31 Mar 1909
MotherCatherine Hebner b. 16 Feb 1832, d. 29 Aug 1917
     Sarah Catherine McKelvey was born on Saturday, 17 June 1871 at Georgina Twp., York Co., Ontario, Canada. Mrs. McKelvey attended at the birth. James McKelvey was the informant. She appeared on the census of 1881 in the household of James McKelvey at Georgina Twp., York Co., Ontario, Canada. She was recorded as: McKelvey, Sarah, female, age 9, born Ontario, C. Methodist, of Irish origin, going to school. She and John T. Smith, son of John Smith and Elizabeth (?) Smith, were married by Minister James H. Winters on Wednesday, 12 October 1887 at Ravenshoe, York Co., Ontario, Canada. She was age 17, living in North Gwillimbury, spinster, Methodist. He was age 23, living in North Gwillimbury, bachelor, farmer, Methodist. William John McKelvey and Rebecca Smith witnessed the marriage. Sarah died on Sunday, 20 January 1952 at Huntsville, District of Muskoka, Ontario, Canada, at age 80 years, 7 months and 3 days. She was buried at Block 4A, Hutcheson Memorial Cemetery, Hunsville, District of Muskoka, Ontario, Canada.


John T. Smith b. c 1874, d. 17 Jan 1963