Samuel Bothwell Green

M, #3526, b. 29 August 1883, d. 1953
FatherJames Bothwell Green
MotherMary Kingsbury
     Samuel Bothwell Green was born on Wednesday, 29 August 1883 at Yorkville, Toronto, York Co., Ontario, Canada. This is a delayed registration, filed the 27'th of May, 1941, in Toronto, Ontario. His cousin states: Both parents are dead. I am 15 years senior to my cousin aforenamed. I learned of the birth from my mother just after it occurred although I did not see my said cousin for a couple of weeks after, I was in constant contact with him from his infancy and know that he was born when I was 15 years of age. Mary Jane Peters attested to the birth. He and Ethel Belle Cook, daughter of William Charles Cook and Pheobe Ann Roach, were married by Reverend R. Z. Foks on Monday, 23 December 1907 at Arlington, Snohomish Co., Washington, USA. She was 19, white, first marriage, living in "Earlington", born in Bathgate, ND. He was 24, white, living in Kansas City, MO, first marriage, born Toronto, Canada, fire proofer. Alban Lorenzo Cook and Maxwell Gordon witnessed the marriage. He was found on a border crossing list on 15 September 1923 at Niagara Falls, New York, USA. He was coming from Canada, via the rail road, born Toronto August 29 1883, 40 years old, of Scotch origin. He was became a naturalized United States citizen on February 25, 1944. The certificate was issued by the U.S. District Court at Brooklyn, New York. He was living at 158-15 Oak Ave., Flushing, New York and was 60 years old. Samuel died in 1953 at Connecticut, USA, at age 69 years.


Ethel Belle Cook b. Jun 1888