Kenneth Floyd Shaw

M, #56, b. 12 October 1922, d. 16 March 1923
FatherWilliam John Jefferson Shaw b. 26 Mar 1897, d. 19 Feb 1965
MotherFlorence Milsted b. 5 Nov 1900, d. 24 Oct 1983
     Kenneth Floyd Shaw was born on Thursday, 12 October 1922 at Scott Twp., Ontario Co., Ontario, Canada. Kenneth died on Friday, 16 March 1923 at Scott Twp., Ontario Co., Ontario, Canada, at age 5 months and 4 days, of Asthenia for 5 months and Bronchitis, duration of 3 days. Dr. J.J. Paul attended at the death. William John Jefferson Shaw was listed as the informant. He was buried on Sunday, 18 March 1923 at Zion Cemetery, Zephyr, Ontario Co., Ontario, Canada. There is no marker and he was buried somewhere along the fence line.