Thomas Hodgkinson

M, #540, b. 1796, d. 8 May 1848
FatherWilliam Hodgkinson b. 12 Aug 1751, d. 21 Feb 1847
MotherMary Jones b. 17 Dec 1765, d. 23 Oct 1852
     Thomas Hodgkinson was born c 1796. He was baptized by Reverend Robert Addison, Sunday, 14 May 1815 at the 12 Mile Creek, Ontario, Canada. He petitioned for land on Tuesday, 14 April 1818 from Niagara, Upper Canada. He was applying for 200 acres due him as the son of a United Empire Loyalist. An image of the petition can be viewed here. He and Mary Nickerson were married. He and Rebecca Nickerson were married. Thomas died c Monday, 8 May 1848 at Thames River, London, Canada West, at age 52 years, and the entry from the newspaper reads: 19 May 1848. Some men fishing on Thursday, in the Thames, London, C.W., dragged up the body of a man which proved to be that of Thomas Hodgkinson, formerly publisher of the London Gazette. It is supposed he slipped into the water accidentally.

Family 1

Mary Nickerson